What we do

Adrian Mack gathering Elder Milford Johnson’s migration story

Visit to JJ Hill Elementary – with Elders Debbie Montgomery and Marvin R. Anderson

Tamehkha Usekhab migration story

Film showing – Duluth youth create film to tell the story of their local community – The Secret of Being Black in Duluth

Mama Naima Richmond’s migration story

Rondo Children’s Book Series – Book Launch at the Minnesota Humanities Center
Ta-Coumba T. Aiken

The Way – Camille Maddox interview original organizing members of The Way for upcoming book of the Northside organization

Sankofa Event & Series

An annual event that provides an intergenerational forum to discuss critical and relevant issues concerning the community. An issue-oriented publication is produced to accompany discussions and events.

2023 Sankofa Publication and Discussion Topic:

Comming Soon!
Book Release – Spring  2023

An anthology about the Black community and media from local media-markers, journalists and student voices.

Elder Stories and

Coffee, Tea and Other Moments Together

Elder’s Story and Archival Circles where elders gather to share stories of specific moments in time and/or accounts of their life stories.  Stories, circle time and event are videotaped and archived for the purpose of building the IBI archival library.

Elder Writing Projects

Publication of Elders stories (include memoirs, anthologies of Minnesota Elders, and events in the state of MN)

         Kofi Bobby Hickman by Kofi Hickman
         Kwame by Kwame McDonald and Mitch McDonald
         Root Wisdom by Jacqueline “Lady J” Maddix
         Duluth Lynching Revisited by Henry Banks
         The Way – Opportunities Unlimited by Camille Maddox
        The Thelma Buckner Story by Thelma Buckner & Ericka Dennis
        Zola’s Shines by Mahmoud El-Kati (Children’s book)

Literary Artist

A repository of artists of African descent that contribute/participate in the local and statewide publishing arts community in Minnesota.

Initiated Projects
(Projects in Development)

Rondo Children’s Book Series

In Black Ink and Rondo Avenue Inc. have partnered to transform the rich experiences of the historic Rondo community into stories that will introduce eight Rondo core values to our youth. Writers and artists with direct connections to the community were selected to research, write and share little-known stories with the wider community in the form of children’s books. These books are immersed in the lore and lessons of a neighborhood that thrived in a time of segregation and discrimination to raise healthy, successful, and visionary young people.

The values that sustained Rondo and served as a firm foundation for many are the basis that this rich book series is based upon. These values include the importance of education, the dignity of work, religion, and faith, homeownership, securing economic independence, social interaction, hope for a better tomorrow, and respect for self and family.

The Way Opportunities Limited Inc. by Camille Maddox (In development)

Curriculum &

Developed from the rich experiences/knowledge from cultural institutions, programs, and work. Products to be marketed, distributed, and reintegrated into the community.

All projects are researched to help increase publishing artists primarily in the African heritage community in Minnesota. Funds raised will go towards artists primarily from the historically disenfranchised community members of African descent and to artists in that geographic region or area of the project’s initiation. For example, if we are producing a project on the lynching in Duluth, MN in 1920, then the primary writer and/or researcher should come from Duluth and should be of African descent. Other supporting editors, desktop designers, and graphic designers will be sought there first before moving to other areas.

IBI Project Resource Model

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