Youth Facilitators

JJ Hill Elementary School learns about the transformation of the Rondo community - 2017

Jackson Elementary Rondo Children’s book Conference – Artist Broderick Poole & Mychal Batson with Jackson Elementary Staff

“Towards an African Education” contributing writers at reception for Dr. Haki Madhubuti keynote speaker for the 2019 Sankofa Event

Film maker Malcolm Fields and Jeremy talk about the film - The Secret of Being Black in Duluth, MN - 2017

Elder Marvin Roger Anderson presents at the Jackson Elementary Rondo Children’s Stories Book Conference

Pamela Fletcher-Bush Saint Catherine’s’ Professor and editor of the Rondo Children’s books present on her Sabbatical with In Black Ink 2018-2019

Elder Josie Johnson and Elder Mahmoud El-Kati weekly conversations -Collection of conversations to be podcasted -2017-2018

Elder Naima Richmond shares her Minnesota Migration Story with In Black Ink - 2018

Thomasina Petrus and her Trio Band at the Sankofa Series

Attendees at the Rondo Children’s Story Book Launch – Repa Mekha of Nexus Community Partners, Karen Gray and Nora Hall of GrayHall LLC., and Kimberly Nightingale of the Saint Paul Almanac/Arcata Press

Artist Workshop

Council Person Andrea Jenkin at Sankofa Event

Table Discussions - Sankofa Events

“Whose Telling Our Story” – Minnesota Institute of Art (MIT) Art and Healing Workshop

Community Embrace – Sankofa Event

Dr. Artika Tyner – Author of Joey and Grandpa Johnson’s Day in Rondo – Story Circle with Elementary Students

Minnesota Humanities Center – Book Launch 2018

Shakita & Njia Lawrence-Porter Attendees receive a free copy of the new publication

Youth tabletop facilitators

Sankofa Event

Elders enrich everything we do!

Youth Facilitator Training

All Families learn from the sharing of our stories and diversifying of the Minnesota landscape

Reaching out across the generations – everyone has a story to tell

Augsburg University – Foss Center – Book Launch 2019

Support from members of the Historical Society – Department of Inclusion and Community Engagement

Youth activities

Community discussion on The Way – Camille Maddox – Graduate student share her research and interview elders who founded and built the Northside organization

Reception with Dr. Madhubuti – hosted at the Network for the Development of Children of African Descent

Youth Facilitator

It was a full house – Sankofa Series Event

Authors and Artist for Rondo Children’s Stories

Participants at the Sanfoka Series Event 2019

2020 Harriett Bart Fundraising Benefit

In Black Ink is a publishing arts initiative that provide opportunities for communities that have been disenfranchised historically, and continue to be presently. IBI’s cultural literacy programming mitigates the damage of economic, educational, and cultural inequities that are the result of past and current prejudice and discrimination.


Writers of African Heritage Series

IN BLACK INK 2021-2022 Events Calendar

In Black Ink (IBI) is a publishing-arts initiative that provides opportunities to communities that have been disenfranchised historically, and presently. IBI seeks to create spaces where the intergenerational stories about Minnesotans of African heritage can be...

Who Narrates Your Story?

How does a community become the narrator of their own stories? How do we craft our own images and share them with the world? Maya Angelou stated, “Never let another man create your world, he will always make it too small.” In the case of people of African descent and...

‘Mr. Rondo’s Spirit: a story of a man and his community’

According to Rondo resident, educator, and artist Ericka Dennis, most children she meets don’t know the real story of the historic Rondo neighborhood. Dennis currently works as a Family Liaison at Barack Obama Elementary School in the Summit University neighborhood....

The Women Changing the Face of Publishing

In 2009, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave a Ted Talk about the danger of a single story. As a child in Nigeria, she wrote about what she had read in other stories, which primarily featured white American or British characters. Her characters were also white and drank...

Exhibits at Minnesota African American museum keep George Floyd’s spirit alive

Tina Burnside doesn't want people to think that George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police was an isolated incident. Co-founder of the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery, she sees it as part of Minnesota's history of systemic racism....

Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community

Rekhet Si-Asar is a literary and visual artist, publisher, Minneapolis school psychologist and the Executive Director of In Black Ink (IBI) a statewide publishing arts initiative located in St. Paul, MN. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, she grew up in New...

Black writers talk healing and the importance of shared experiences

Pulitzer Prize winner Gwendolyn Brooks knew the value of Black publishers as both marketers and, importantly, an empowering social and cultural construct. Which is why, in 2002, she turned down a lucrative deal to stay with Harper & Row, going instead with Black...



An annual event that provides an intergenerational forum to discuss critical and relevant issues concerning the community. An issue-oriented publication is produced to accompany discussions and events. Join us for the Sankofa Series & Events 2022.


A repository of artists of African descent that contribute to and/or participate in the local publishing arts community in Minnesota. Author’s Database to Launch at the end of Spring 2021.


Elder’s Story and Archival Circles where elders gather to share stories of specific moments in time and/or accounts of their life stories.  Stories, circle time and event are videotaped and archived for the purpose of building the IBI archival library. Until it is safe to resume circles, Elder stories will be collected virtually or one on one.



Root Wisdom discusses the numinous, the mystical, and the supernatural world of the metaphysical. It represents the ancient spirituality of our common ancestors.


“Paul Rondo, a Pullman Porter, lived in the Rondo neighborhood before the Interstate 94 freeway was built in the 1960’s. Mr. Rondo tells about his life in Rondo and how it changed over time….”


Joey grew up in a historic African American neighborhood called Rondo during the 1940’s. On his weekly Saturday adventure with his grandpa, he learns about the rich cultural heritage of his community and the power of entrepreneurship. 

TOWARDS AN AFRICAN EDUCATION: Selected Writings on the Education and Development of Children of African Heritage

Kasserian Ingera, “How are the children?” The Maasai warriors of East Africa would ask this most important question of each other in passing. The question is of the highest importance because it assesses the future of the community. 

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