This book is a collection of articles written by the Black community for the Black community. These articles focus on education in our communities especially with a focus on children and us as an African people. By communities I mean all our communities. Some articles focus on our communities in the United States, some focus on education in Africa and some on both. I personally enjoy how each article speaks in a different tone. Some articles feel flowy like a story, some are very fact based with lots of graphs and pie charts, and some were heavy on the academic side as in jargon and concepts. I liked the variety and I particularly enjoyed not knowing what type of article I was going to read next. What can I say I just love surprises!

My Favorite Part:
My favorite article was the third article ” A Historical Review of the Role Black Parents and the Black Community Played in Providing Schooling for Black Children in the South 1865-1954.” by Dr. Josie Johnson. This was my favorite because it was almost like a historical story. Personally, I love reading about our period in history after enslavement and before the Civil Rights Movement. This article is important because it takes the myth that Black parents don’t value or care about their children’s education, rips it apart and throws it away. The myth has always been foolish and it actually kind of breaks my heart that it even exists but it felt good to read that article and laugh at how obvious the importance that education has to Black parents in the past, now and forever.

Uri-Biia Si-Asar

The Gift from the Stars
A Biia journey doing Biia things in a Biia world

Biia Thoughts:
I’m excited that the very first book that I have reviewed on “paper” or I guess the first written review that I have ever done is on Towards an African Education: by Elder Mahmoud El-Kati. For three reasons: 1. It was basically the first book that I ended up touching since I’ve returned to America. 2. Quite a few people that I actually know or have at least met and interacted with more than once has an article in this book and 3. Elder Mahmoud El-Kati… do I really need to say more.

Also at the end of the book there are many resources for you to continue our journey and study into learning about the education of our community. There’s a list of key points and summaries from the book! Honestly all books should have this at the back just so that if you don’t read the book quickly you can be reminded of what you read also it serves as a nice point of reflection where you can review everything that has been talked about. There’s quotes about education from prominent Black leaders. There’s a booklist filled with books on education. There’s even a list of organizations that support, encourage and foster opportunities for quality education. like come on people it does not get any easier than this!!! If you are at all curious about education or want to continue learning about education for our community this is the place to start!! and it shows you where to go afterwards like ugggghhh I can’t even express to you how perfect this book is for that.

Favorite quote from the Book:

The chief aim of life is not simnply to be happy.
The chief aim of life is to be useful,
To be responsible,
To be compassionate,
To count for something
To make it matter that you lived at all.

• I keep kicking myself because I want to have all the contributors sign my book but I keep leaving it at home when I go to events that I KNOW they will be at SMH how Biia How?!
• You all should read the book and come the Sankofa Series: Book Reading and Dicussion events! There’s one every month. It’s ran by In Black Ink so you should check out their facebook page and instagram @MNinBlackInk. Yes I do volunteer with them and yes this is my shameless plug.
• I am slightly disappointed in myself for taking so long to read this. But life has just been so crazy and getting back into the rhythm of America aka the busyness of it took longer than I thought but I think I finally got the balance to add reading back into my life.

Rating Scale

💥 = i regret reading this
💥💥 = meh. Not really for me
💥💥💥 =it was good/fine
💥💥💥💥 =i would own it😊
💥💥💥💥💥 = i would reread this hundreds of times. I would own it and pass it down to future generations.

Here is a pdf download of the review.